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Updated : Annecy, France, 23/03/2023  
Welcome ...

Being a professional fine art photographer living in Paris, I regularly travel and exhibit my photographs in galleries around the world (limited edition prints, signed).
I am also a wedding photographer in Paris, practice portrait photography as well as interior and exterior architecture photography.

A selection of photos from my recent trip to Asia can be seen here.

Cordially Yours, Haig.
The kind of photographer I am ...
Home_Wedding_Mariage_Portrait_4.jpgDestination wedding photographer
Let an artist photographer capture your wedding day's moments ...

Selection of wedding photographs, testimonials, prices, ...
Access to this website's wedding page.
Access to the photographer's wedding website.

Portrait photographer (Paris and suburbs)
Your portrait captured 'in situ' (away from photography studios).

Portfolio of portraits, reassuring words, prices ...
The photographer's selection: Portraits.
And ...
Photographe_Architecture_Art_Accueil_6.jpgArchitecture photographer (Paris)
Architecture, interior decoration photography, artwork repro, ...

Selection of commercial work.
Direct access to page: Commercial.

Fine Art photographer
Where it all started: photography as an art form.

Portfolio of prints exhibited in galleries, private collections, ...
The photographer's selection: Gallery.
A prestige photography book: Haig Tcherkezian – Photographe

8.7" x 8.7", glossy card jacket cover, 84 pages, detailed photographs, a word by the photographer, press articles, interview and much more.
Signed by the artist @ 38€ each. (P.&P. fees from Paris courtesy of the artist.)

To view an extract of the book, please click on Pdf.
About the photographer
I am best known as a fine art photographer exhibiting limited prints in Paris, France, worldwide (in galleries) and on-line.

Besides being a professional fine art photographer, I also like to be considered as a:

Commercial photographer in Paris.
Mainly architects' work, (interior and exterior architecture, mostly in Paris, France) and artists' work.

Portrait photographer in Paris and suburbs of Paris.
Taken ‘on site’, without studio settings. This incites me to find the appropriate mood and environment in order to obtain a portrait that reflects the character, mood and strong point of the person portrayed.

Destination wedding photographer in Paris, France and abroad.
I provide photographic coverage to weddings, hoping to bring a more artistic viewpoint on the event than the common photographer.
I find it is an essential prerequisite to get to know the bride and groom, their wishes and expectations, so that they do get the photographs they truly want in their album.
Photographs are often retouched in order to bring clean, sober and elegant photos (without unnecessary artefacts disturbing the image), at no extra costs.
A good destination wedding photographer's task is not limited to 'just taking (good) photographs'...

My activity as a photographer is mainly focused in Paris and its countryside (Paris, suburbs of Paris, IdF, France).
I do, however, have a few cities/ regions/ countries that I am endeared to, and where I regularly travel to as photographer (and not only as a wedding photographer).
These are, to name a few: Annecy (Imperial Palace Hotel), Bali, Bangkok, Barcelona, Chiang Mai, England, France, Greece (Mykonos, Santorini), Hong Kong, Italy, London, Menthon, wedding photographer in Paris, Saint Jorioz (Hotel Le Manoir Bon Accueil), Provence, South of France, Strasbourg, suburbs of Paris (France), Talloires on Annecy's lakeside (Abbaye Hotel, Cottage Hotel, Pere Bise Hotel), Thailand and Venice.
Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

For more information about my activity as a wedding photographer, please visit my wedding photography website.

Spoken languages: Armenian, Dutch, English, French.

Professional photographer specialized in wedding, portrait and architecture. Based in Paris, France.
Artiste photographe professionnel spécialisé en mariage, portrait et architecture. Basé à Paris.

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